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Okay. Now that we got ^ THAT ^ out of the way, let's continue.
Hello! My name is Johnathon (Desert Roach). The STOOP SAUCE sauce boss from Staten Island, NY. Born and raised. Staten Island is . . . an interesting place, as many people both from and not from here are ALL quite aware of. There's a little bit of everything here, the good, the bad, & the ugly. We have LOADS of good food, TONS of bad drivers, and LOTS of ugly potholes...and dare I mention SPEED CAMERAS!
That may not be the best example of life on Staten Island, but I promise I have a point. I am proud to call Staten Island my home. It's crazy and it's calm; annoying & misunderstood at times, but fun and familiar; it's congested and alive. There's so much going on within the island, the people from all walks of life, the vast varying neighborhoods and corner stores, the busy streets next to it's beautiful wooded parks. You can be caught up in the aggravating traffic at one moment, and lose yourself deep within the greenbelt minutes later. Staten Island truly does bridge the gap between the hustle & bustle of the city, and the life of the east coast suburbia, figuratively & literally! It's balanced. It's real. It's life.
I am proud to bring you STOOP SAUCE straight from its one of a kind home in Staten Island. Inspired by an Italian Sunday sauce, common for many families of Italian heritage here on the island, it boasts an ENORMOUS aroma & flavor of tomatoes, garlic, and onions, all carefully packaged into special wide mouth woozy bottles for an easy pour of this "thicker than your watery table sauce" SAUCE!
Our current selections of STOOP SAUCE, the RED LABEL & BLACK LABEL, both follow very similar flavor profiles, with one major difference . . . HEAT!
The RED LABEL sauce is a perfectly blended MILD artisan hot sauce, tame enough for the average consumer, but not too shy on what it brings to the table! Concocted with all natural Red Jalapeno peppers, Cayenne peppers, and a DASH of Habanero, this sauce will welcome you with its savory garden fresh flavor of goodness, and leave you with a comfortable & warm farewell burn with every drop. Once you crack open a bottle of this sauce, it'll be gone in a matter of days. Seriously. Take my word for it.
If you're looking for something with a LOT more kick to it, then please let me introduce you to our EXTRA HOT BLACK LABEL sauce. Although similar to the RED LABEL and all of its wonderful sauce glory, the BLACK LABEL sauce kicks it up to ELEVEN when it comes to the burn! A sauce that should be feared by many, conquered by few, and desired by all, it comes packed with some of the hottest peppers on the planet; all natural Trinidad Scorpion & Ghost peppers! The best thing about this sauce, from my experience, is that even while your nose, mouth, and face are on their special journey through the fiery depths of hell . . . you just can't stop! Try this sauce, and you'll be a champion of heat in no time!
I could keep going, but I'll stop here for now. Thank you for visiting STOOPSAUCE.COM and for reading! I will be posting here regularly with new product developments, recipes, stories about STOOP SAUCE, and much more. Keep on the lookout for future posts by liking us on Facebook or by Joining Our Mailing List!!!
- Desert Roach, Sauce Boss

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